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Winter collection

Winter collection

Summer collection

  • REGINA extralight, the new Kelton boots with our metallic lateral signature.
Discover them in this shiny nude leather, a feminine feel on a rock nature.
Discover now at keltonshoes.com
  • The valuables leathers and the care with which these are used by us of KELTON makes our new extralight REGINA loafers uniques!
Discover now online at keltonshoes.com 
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  • Our Keywords are: quality, accuracy, history, manufacture and craftsmanship.

Discover our new REGINA Napplack shoes on keltonshoes.com
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  • The new RANGE sole designed by Kelton is made of extra light rubber. 
Discover it in this frontal zip version and different finishes of materials.
Discover more at keltonshoes.com 
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  • Olimpia Velvet-Napplack Sneakers is a real stand-out that can turn even the simplest of looks into something extraordinary. 
Discover now at keltonshoes.com
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  • Trademark of Kelton are comfort and fit and this no laces version of Range boots are ready for Fall coolness.
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  • Matt-Gloss different finished and metal details for this new version of Demetra Boots.
Discover now at keltonshoes.com 
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  • Range new bicolored lace-up is embellished with golden details giving a delicate rock mood ✨
Discover now at keltonshoes.com 
  • Warm, Soft and Fashionable: our OLIMPIA Sneakers are the perfect accessory to combat the gray of winter.
Discover all the variants on keltonshoes.com
  • Since 1975, Kelton puts a dream at his Customers’ feets.
Come and discover our new FW 21/22 Collection! 
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  • Attention to details is our strong point! Simply, Made in Italy.

Discover our new selection of extralight Boots, black and bright: the essential creations you need this season!
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  • Did you say sneakers? 

Here our new proposal, OLIMPIA. Comfortable and contemporary, with bright details to make you unique.
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  • We missed you! 
We couldn’t wait to show our new selection of boots.

This is Cassandra, pratical and essential. Discover it with us in this rust phyton print variant.
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  • The wait is over! 
We are proud to introduce you the new FW 21/22 collection where the art of Made in Italy meets the accurate attention to materials, details and design. 

Elegant, extralight and cool at the same time: perfect combo for this Las Vegas boots.
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  • Graceful details is all you need, 
discover Cassandra at keltonshoes.com
  • Black days starting today 🔥 
30% OFF everything at keltonshoes.com 
From Nov 28 until Dec 6! 
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  • Delicate soul. 
Don’t miss these Made in Italy beauty!
  • Sculpt your sporty look with Kelton.
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  • Designed for woman who love simple, formal look with feminine hint.
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  • The bootie everyone needs, 
Cassandra in white variant. 
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Blurring the line between heritage and innovation

100% Made in Italy attracts customers from all over the world. Its keywords are: quality, accuracy, history and manufacturing. But there is also another element that distinguishes it and that elevates it compared to products of different categories, namely the ability to place itself beyond quality. The handcrafted product has something more: it is what distinguishes the well made from the well made and what excites and satisfies the deepest needs. Kelton puts a dream at the feet of its customers.

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