Shipping cost
The cost varies according to the country of destination and will be calculated before purchase.

VAT costs for Extra-EU clients
For the international shippings could be apply customs duties that will be completely at your charge. These duties could be apply when your order reach the delivering country. The import costs are at the import company charge and it is subjected to the law of the delivering country. We can't control this type of costs and we can't predict the costs because they depends on the different countries. For more information you can contact the custom office of the delivering country. When you shop at you have to accept the policy and the law on the delivering country.

Where may I receive my order?
You may receive it at the address you choose (home, at work, etc. But never to a PO Box).

Can the country where the goods are delivered may be different than where you bought the goods?
The country in which the goods are delivered must be the same country in the address shown on the invoice.

How long does it take for the arrival of my order?
The delivery times depend on the shipping type you choose. Standard shipments range from three to five working days.

Can I monitor the status of my order?
Yes. You can check the status of your order under "Order Sent" of the "My Account" section.

How is delivery made?
We will send you an e-mail with delivery confirmation (once your order has left the warehouse) and the number to monitor the status of your order (with a link to the shipping site).