Kelton was founded in 1975 in Monte Urano. In the hands of the Pieroni brothers the history of the shoe industry traditions of the Fermo area. From a small workshop to a solid company with a single denominator: the passion for materials and attention to detail.

As in the past, still today, Sauro, the founder of the company, and his sons put the same dedication in their creations. Francesco, with years of experience in the field of consumer marketing in international realities, has decided to return to the Marche region and to give his contribution and a new impulse to the family business that over the years has expanded to become a consolidated reality also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Northern European countries and Japan. Elisa, a researcher, translates the new trends into footwear in step with the times, which winks at innovation but without neglecting comfort and elegance, creating a unique product that combines the increasingly detailed and demanding demands of the international market.

From Sauro Pieroni, guardian of the company's history, to the children who have brought a breath of renewal, Kelton has been able to evolve to become a rare reality of its kind.


100% Made in Italy attracts customers from all over the world. Its keywords are: quality, accuracy, history and manufacturing. But there is also another element that distinguishes it and that elevates it compared to products of different categories, namely the ability to place itself beyond quality.

The handcrafted product has something more: it is what distinguishes the well made from the well made and what excites and satisfies the deepest needs. Kelton puts a dream at the feet of its customers.


The Kelton shoe is designed and made "in the district with specialized manufacturing" where nothing is left to chance. The research of materials, innovative techniques and the range of colours of the shoes are combined with the study of a design that elaborates styles and trends and makes them unmistakable.

The trademark of Kelton are the fit and comfort. From the wedge, to the amphibian, to the moccasin, a complete line for a woman of all ages and for any need, from the most important occasion to everyday life.