Payment may be made only by credit card. Credit cards accepted by Kelton are: Aura, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Discover. I information requested under "Billing Address" must match the address of the credit card used for the purchase, otherwise we will not be able to fulfil your order. All transactions are secure: The Kelton site is equipped with SSL encryption for maximum protection of personal data and payment.

Why is can credit card be declined?
Your card may be declined for the following reasons:
◦ The card may have expired. Check that your card has not exceeded the expiration date.
◦ You may have reached the limit of the card. Ask your bank if you have exceeded the maximum permissible limit for purchases.
◦ A data set could be false. Check if you have successfully completed all required fields.

Can I place a tax-free order?
No, you cannot buy tax-free on the website.